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Wrigglies | exotic pet | aquarium fish | KLM Natural Supplies

About Us

Welcome to Wrigglies! We are an independent, family-run reptile specialist. We have branches across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and South Northamptonshire.

Our aim is to set anyone wanting to start keeping reptiles, off on the right foot. We pioneer in naturalistic habitats which adds to excellent animal enrichment, maintained top-quality husbandry and, most importantly of course, huge amounts of fun!

If you’d like to start your exotic pet journey, pop into any of the Wrigglies branches, where you’ll find our kind and helpful team members ready to guide you into the exciting world of reptile keeping!

At our Dunstable store, we also have a great range of aquarium fish too. Stocking temperate, tropical and cold water fish so you can set up a peaceful community aquarium! We also stock all the supporting products you may need as well.

We’re constantly changing our stores to fit new and exciting products and animals in for you. A weekly visit will ensure you see something new every time!

Wrigglies looks forward to seeing you in one of our branches soon!!